Furniture Fittings

It's not surprising that patio is the best place to enjoy nature, to have fun, to relax or just to discuss some topics with your best friend. Outdoor patio furniture fittings will help you to change somehow your patio or deck, to decorate it or to freshen it up.

Table tops, patio cushions are the most commonly used Outdoor Furniture accessories. All these furniture fittings are very useful and made from different materials. They are also presented in different shapes and a variety of colors. To make your patio peculiar you can use patio umbrellas. They are very smart and serve as protection item.

Table Tops

There is a great amount of patio table tops, which can add more beauty to your outdoor living space. With the help of outdoor table tops it's easy to combine various styles and colors. Everything depends on your taste, unique ideas and the design of your deck.

There are different material table tops, like aluminum table tops, teak table tops, marble table tops, cast aluminum tops, wicker table tops…and so on, you can choose your favorate material, color and size, they can be use in your home, patio, garden, pubs, café, restaurant…place,both indoor and outdoor using fitable.

Table Legs

Patio tables will add more functionality and complete the design of your outdoor living area. There also many variants of such type of outdoor table furniture, of course together with many kinds of table legs for your reference. Different material., different shape, even different size will bring you different feeling and style of tables.

These table legs and bases are stable and suitable for cate table, dining table, bar table, coffee table…, you can learn more details about them from us before buying them.

Patio Cushions

It's important to pay attention not only to durability and material of lounge furniture but to comfort, provided by patio cushion furniture. You can't do without them if your garden furniture is made of wicker, aluminum and steel.

Patio cushions are things which help you to make your patio look perfect and comfortable. They help to decorate your outdoor living area and provide you with more comfort too. Express yourself with furniture finntings and let everybody to enjoy your good taste and style.


Don't you want to add more color, fragrance and style to your garden, deck, patio or balcony? If so patio planter is perfect for you. In spite of being very functional they also perform decorative function and help you to enhance the beauty of your patio, balcony or garden.

Patio planters are also available in a great variety of materials, such as wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic or ceramic. So you can choose any you like more. We Comfort outfoor furniture mainly offer patio wicker planters, this wicker planter will be a great addition to any outdoor patio furniture area.

Storage Chest

Nowadays more and more people use outdoor furniture in their garden, yard, patio, even beside their pools, so there are so many things like cushions or pillows or towels need to find a place to store them. Outdoor wicker storage chest is your best choice, you can find your like style and size and color, to hold your things whatever you like, then keep you garden or pool looks clean and orderly.

Furniture Fittings